Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Wide World of Reading and Writing

I used to wonder how authors came up with the stuff they came up with, but then I started writing and I realized it is all in my head.  Though I do believe I have been inspired every step of the way I never cease to be amazed at the things that I think of when I am pursuing a story.

Often times my best friend has laughed when I come to her all excited to tell her that I just discovered something about one of my characters.  She would look at me with her 'silly rabbit' smile that asks, 'didn't you know that already, you're the author?'

But the truth is sometimes I know just as much as my readers.  When I write it is like discovering a book for the first time.  The words flow onto the page and I experience it just like when I read it, but a little slower. 

I love reading new books just as much as I love writing them.  A library to me is like a candy store to a kid.  There are so many delightful selections to choose from and you never know what adventure you will land yourself in when you open a new book.

I find myself very grateful for books and the freedom to read those books and the freedom to be able to write the stories that fill my head.  I always had a very active imagination and a tendency for the dramatic, now I know why.

Happy reading to all!

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