Sunday, January 1, 2012


Today I have had the opportunity to ponder on the New Year and what it means for me and those around me.  At church we talked about Lot's wife and to remember her choice to look back.  Too often we look back and dwell on our past, the things that didn't happen, the mistakes we made, the pain and suffering we felt.  The teacher encouraged us to instead look to the future and find hope in the Atonement and in life in general.

Too often I find myself looking back on the things that have gone wrong in my life whether by my choices or not and I have resolved to do better at looking to the future.  So many influential people say to make your new year's resolutions.  The world's focus tends to be on weight loss, looks, success, degree of famousness (yes, I made up my own word.  I'm a writer I can do that). :)

Sure I have my list of resolutions, one of which is to write a New York Times bestseller book, but of my resolutions what will make me truly happy?  I find the lesson today coming back to remind me that when I help and serve others, when I put the Savior first I will be happy.  I want to look to the future with excitement and anticipation that this year will bring the greatest blessings in my life, but only if I am willing to use those blessings to help others.

I believe that any of us who choose to follow the Spirit (call it what you may: intuition, inner self) and make those choices that will help those around us then we will find true joy in our own lives and blessings we didn't think possible.

So yes, I will be writing and striving for that best seller, but I do it hoping that the people I meet and experiences I have will enrich the journey and in the end whether or not I become famous won't matter because I will be happy.

New Year's Resolution:  Be Happy!

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