Monday, January 2, 2012

Two hours can make the difference

It sat there staring me down just waiting for me to give in.  I couldn't no matter how much I wanted to.  It was against all I had striven and worked for.  There had to be more than this one decision that was tearing me in half.  This couldn't possibly be this difficult, could it?  Yet here I was struggling once more.  I was determined not to let this beat me.  I will conquer this.  There is no stopping me.  I have worked too hard not to earn this.

I turned away.  This is the only way I could survive.  I leave refusing to let its subtle taunting affect me.  I go into the other room, but I can hear it calling after me.  I shut the door hoping to stop it's siren song.  Distractions.  I need something to distract me.  I turn on the TV and set the volume up so I can't hear the deadly song from the other room.  That seems to help until the commercial comes on.  No, not that.  I can't take it.  Maybe if I go for a walk, leave the scene, get away.  I grab my purse, but I'm instantly confronted with it.

"You know you can't resist me," it says.

"I can," I cry.  "I will.  You won't get me."  I turn away determined to leave it's brutal taunt.

It laughs, a wicked chuckle that sends chills down my back.  "You'll never escape me."

"I will," I shouted.

I storm out of the room slamming the door then suddenly realize I left my keys and my purse inside the apartment.  I whirl around and grab the door knob hoping against hope that I forgot to lock it, but it doesn't turn.  Ugh.  I pull out my phone to call a lock smith.

An hour later and two times around the block I reenter the apartment and fork out fifty bucks.  I collapse onto the couch with a sigh.

"Welcome back," it says snidely.

I look over with disgust and get to my feet.  "I am totally disgusted with you," I call over my shoulder.

I head into the bedroom and change into my pajamas.  This had to stop.  I can't afford this.  I pull my hair into a pony tail and push up my sleeves.  Determined I march into the other room and confront it.

"I am done with this," I say determined.  I reach over.

"You can't get rid of me," it says.

"Yes I can." 

I grab it off the counter pull off the wrapper and pop the chocolate into my mouth.  Well I lasted longer this year.  Two whole hours longer.

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