Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Thank You To Our Military

So I had the chance to come home for a few days and visit with my Dad and pick up a few things I left in the move.  As I was getting situated I noticed a young man across the aisle from me.  He was in his Navy blues and looked tired and worried.

A gentleman passing thanked him for his service and a few minutes later the gentleman sitting next to me struck up a conversation with the young man.  He was heading home to the east coast to be with his daughter who was in the hospital.  He mentioned that he was anxious to get there and I could completely understand.

I always get teary eyed when I see these wonderful men and women in uniform who are sacrificing so much to keep us free and I just want to add my thank you to them as well.  I also want to ask those who might be reading my little blog to say a prayer for this man and his daughter.  Our military have enough to worry about without having to worry about family at home.

It may be such a little off-hand note from me, but I know if we combine the power of prayer, whatever your religion may be, then hopefully one valiant soul and his family will be blessed.

Thank you to all those who serve in the armed forces!!!

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