Monday, January 16, 2012

The Tower 6

It didn't take long for the trees to close around me.  I looked back and could barely see the tower through the thick branches and leaves.  At this point my nerves started to give out.  What in the world was I doing?  I'm not this adventurous.

I turned around and took a step back toward the tower and stopped.  Deep in the back of my mind I felt I should go on.  I hesitated, not sure what feelings I could trust at this point.  With slow measured steps I resumed my travels on the path.

The forest around me was quiet and peaceful.  Different from any other forest I had visited.  The usual noises of bugs and wildlife were gone replaced only by the sound of wind moving through the branches high above my head.  I craned my neck searching for a landmark ahead, but I could only see the path winding through the trees.

After what felt like an hour I sat down to rest.  I was tired and hungry and thoroughly unimpressed with this new adventure.  I knew if I kept going it would eventually get dark and I would need to eat and sleep.  With these new thoughts I became worried.

What if I never got out of this place?  What if I died in this dream?  I shuddered.  It was like The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe gone crazy.  I should have met a faun or someone by now.

Angry this time I turned back and again I stopped.  The deep urge to continue almost overwhelmed my senses.  At that point I knew I would not be able to return until I finished what ever it was I had to do here in this forest, so I continued on.

As I walked I reviewed every fairytale I had ever heard and tried to figure out which on my brain had thrust me into all the while wondering why I hadn't awakened yet.  As I walked further away from the tower I started to notice a change in the forest.  The trees started growing further apart and the rustle of the wind in the leave above was now being challenged by other sounds.

The sounds didn't frighten me, on the contrary I felt more comfortable and at ease.  After what felt like another two or three hours the trees broke away and I found myself at the edge of a deep chasm.

To be continued...

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