Monday, January 9, 2012

The Tower 2

The door swings eerily open beckoning me.  I step over the threshold and look around.  The light from the door illuminated the room revealing a tiny fireplace and an enormous stone staircase.

I could feel the cold and smell the dank, musty air of an unused building, but a fire crackled in the fireplace.  I scanned the room suspiciously looking for anyone who could have built the fire.  It seemed deserted so I decided to try the stairs.

I felt uncomfortable from the first step a feeling that I was being watched haunting me as I descended.  The stairs seemed to go on forever winding up and up.  I glanced at my watch and realized it was missing.

Time seemed to stand still as I lifted one foot after another.  The sound of my shoes slapping against the stone echoed up and down the stairway.  Just when I thought it would never end I reached the top of the stairs.

Thick carpets with strange designs covered the floor of the circular room.  Another fireplace, much larger than the one downstairs, sat on the far wall with another fire crackling merrily.  I could feel the warmth from the stairs.  I slowly walked across the floor my steps silenced by the thick carpets.

I reached out my hands feeling the heat.  It toasted my fingers and up my arms.  I turned around to let the heat warm the back of my body.  I looked around the room taking in the surroundings.  An old fashioned desk sat across from the fire with a whole series of bookshelves lining the walls several feet out from the desk.

Books with worn, leather covers filled the shelves.  For the first time I noticed the pungent smell of leather in the air.  I crossed the room again this time heading straight for the books.  The titles were all written in a slanted script and sparkled like gold or silver.

"The ones on the right are the most interesting," a deep voice said behind me.

I whirled around to face the speaker.

to be continued...

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