Thursday, January 5, 2012


There is a picture of a couple hugging at a station.  Off to one side is a discarded umbrella and off to the other is a suitcase.  I used to look at this picture and think about the story of this couple. As I ponder the emotion behind their reunion I wonder if my first impression was correct. Is this couple coming together after being apart for so long? Is there a deeper story to be found?
Instead of a reunion I see a realization.
Tearfully the woman caressed his cheek. The patter of rain on the umbrella sent a staccato that drown out the noise of the busy station. She didn't want to say goodbye, but it seemed like there was no other choice.
He murmured words of love and appreciation and turned to leave. He didn't know when he would return and his heart ached to stay with her and hold her close. Suitcase in hand he reached up to grab the handle of the train car that would take him away. His hand froze in mid-air.
She watched him for only a few seconds and then turned away. Her heart was breaking. She took two steps, three, four, five...then stopped. She couldn't just let him go. She whirled around determined to stop him...or go with him.
Their eyes met as the train whistle blew. The world seemed to slow around them as they realized that together was where they were meant to be. In a blur they were together. He swept her off her feet, twirling her in a circle of love and happiness.
On the sidewalk an umbrella lay discarded as her arms wrapped around his neck. Next to the empty rails sits a suitcase no longer necessary. Both evidence of a realization.
Yes, my version of their story could be one of many.  It is all about perspective.  One hundred people could look at the same picture and all one hundred of them could have a different story in their mind from that same picture.  The difference is each of those people's perspective.
So when you next see someone or a picture or write something remember your perspective is not the only one out there.

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