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Upcoming Events!!!
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Thursday, December 1, 2016


So I spent my Saturday after Thanksgiving watching TV. It was fun and relaxing and much needed. I have to admit the show we watched all four 90 minute Netflix episodes of wasn't what I'd hoped, but there was one scene in it that truly touched me. We all have trials in our lives and there are times that we feel that we should be unbreakable and yet we aren't. Here is the YouTube video of the song. It's short and I would love to get the sheet music and learn it to sing because it was simply amazing.

Check it out!!!

Just remember we are not unbreakable. Who knows what we are experiencing in our lives that makes us want to cry or give up or stop trying, but we can't do that. We need to remember that none of us are unbreakable and we should do all we can to help each other out. We need to be there for those around them whether friend, family, acquaintance, or stranger.

I'm so thankful for all I have. I've been blessed so much and my trials are so minuscule that I shouldn't complain. Instead raise my voice in thanksgiving and praise to my Heavenly Father for what I do have and the trials that I have as well.

I am not unbreakable, but with my Savior's help I can be whole again.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Winners for my 3 Book Giveaway!!!

Book Giveaway Winners

1st Place: Jen - A signed copy of Crossing Lines

2nd Place: Shauna - A copy of Van Gogh Gone by Robin King

3rd Place Shannon - A copy of The Accidental Goodbye by Marilyn Brown

Congratulations!!! Thank you for participating!!!!

Monday, November 21, 2016

More Books to read.

Cleopatra’s Legacy Series by Dorine White

This is a fantastic middle grade series by a great author. I just finished reading the last book a few days ago and it was a great ending to a fun, exciting series.
The Emerald Ring:
Sara Bogus’s life turns upside down when she discovers an emerald ring that once belonged to Cleopatra. The fun of discovering the ring’s unique abilities turns to fear when she finds out a dangerous cult bent on restoring Rome to power is after the ring. Forced to choose between keeping the ring and saving her friends, Sara learns the price of bravery in this electrifying read!
The Ruby Pendant:
Welcome to New Orleans- home of Mardi Gras, jazz music and voodoo. Eighth grader Melanie Belaforte is home for Spring break and itching for excitement. Late one night she discovers a hidden chamber and a secret journal in her deceased Aunt Florence’s bedroom.
The diary contains the writings of a mad woman, along with vague clues to the whereabouts of a ruby necklace that once belonged to Cleopatra. The ruby bestows upon the wearer the power to hear other people’s thoughts- even the thoughts of the dead!
And so the hunt begins. Melanie, her best friend Sybil, and a haunting specter unravel clues that take them from crumbling graveyards, to the busy streets of the French Quarter, and then into murky swamps, all to find the prize. But they need to watch out, because a murderous cult is matching them step for step, and they won’t give up, ever.
The Diamond Looking Glass:
The world knows it as a cartoon with dancing teacups and broomsticks. To twelve year old Claire La Fleur, it is family history, and the power behind Belle’s mirror is real. Every ten years her family gathers to see if the mirror will awaken, and for the last two hundred years it has slept.
This time, Claire’s touch awakens the magic within the diamond looking glass, a direct portal to the past and a way to communicate with Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of Egypt. The lure of power brings with it many perils, and a betrayal close to home thrusts Claire into a treacherous underworld. To protect the mirror, she travels into the Louvre museum in the dark of night, searches abandoned subway tunnels, and walks the catacombs of the dead.
Welcome to Paris, France – where danger follows in every step.
The Sapphire Blade:
The final journey begins!
Travel with past heroes and a new adventurer to the historical romps of London and the scorching sands of Alexandria. Fourteen-year-old Akmir, raised from birth to sacrifice everything in the pursuit of Cleopatra’s magic gemstones, holds within his hands the secret location of the fifth and final mystic gem: the blue sapphire.
His quest leads him to England, where four other gemstone searchers: Sara, Melanie, Kainu and Claire, are on the hunt. A pawn of the Roman Brotherhood, Akmir must choose his own path, whether to follow in his father’s brutal footsteps or stay true to his mother’s Egyptian heritage. Clues, puzzles, and danger rule the day.
What will happen when the power of all five gemstones are brought together? This is a battle for life and death, and only one side can win.
I loved all four books and highly recommend them to any kids who loves and adventure and any adult who wants to join them. 🙂
The Guise of a Gentleman by Donna Hatch

The Guise of a Gentleman: Regency Historical Romance (Rogue Hearts Series Book 2):
The widowed Elise is a perfect English lady living within the confines of society for the sake of her impressionable young son. Her quiet world is shattered when she meets the impulsive and scandalous Jared Amesbury. His roguish charm awakens her yearning for adventure. But his irrepressible grin and sea-green eyes hide a secret.
A gentleman by day, a pirate by night, Jared must complete one last assignment from the Secret Service before he can be truly free. Elise gives him hope that he, too, can find love and belonging. His hopes are crushed when his best laid plans go awry and Elise is dragged into his world of violence and deceit. She may not survive the revelation of Jared’s past…or still love him when the truth is revealed.
I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It was full of passion, intrigue, mystery, and suspense and best of all it was CLEAN!!! Don’t get me wrong there is some serious sizzling romantic tension between the characters, but it is tastefully done. I love Hatch’s writing style.
I’m literally swooning every time Jared puts his arms around Elise. This was a delightful, clean, and awesome Regency romance with a good thick layer of intrigue and suspense. I could hardly put it down and finished it in one evening and morning.
The story has many twists and turns that keep you wondering what will happen next, but none of it is too crazy to fit in.
I loved how Elise is a strong character, but she also realizes that her life can use change and the wonderful power of being needed and desired. Every woman wants to feel needed and desired.
Jared is a man full of mystery and we long to know all his secrets, but we also long to know the man beneath all the facades. It was beautiful to see how the characters affected each other and how despite their best and worst selves they learned the power and strength of love.
I highly recommend this series to anyone who wants a fantastic, clean, Regency romance. Be prepared for a good deal of intrigue to carry you along as well!!! I’m ready to read some more from Donna Hatch!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

3 Book Giveaway on Rafflecopter!!!

I'm doing a 3 Book Giveaway starting today until Thanksgiving Day.
There are three prizes.
1st Prize: A signed paperback copy of CROSSING LINES by Melanie Mason
2nd Prize: A paperback copy of VAN GOGH GONE by Robin King
3rd Prize: A Paperback copy of THE ACCIDENTAL GOODBYE by Marilyn Brown.
To enter you have to leave a review for Crossing Lines, The Ring of Remaliha, or The Line That Divides on Amazon, Goodreads, or Deseret Book or all three. You can also enter by posting a picture of you and your copy of Crossing Lines on my Author Page.
There are 5 ways to enter and you can do all five for more chances to win!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Join me on Saturday, October 1st for Ladies Night starting at 5PM!

It will be a great night with fun, prizes, and of course you can pick up a copy of my newest book:
Crossing Lines!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Power of the Matchmaker Books

So I rather stumbled upon this series of books by several different authors. It all starts out with a novella Power of the Matchmaker.

I actually didn't read the novella until yesterday. My first taste of this delightful collection was Four Chambers by Julie Wright.

Recently I read Chasing Fireflies by Taylor Dean and loved it.

I followed that one up with Between Heaven and Earth by Michelle Paige Holmes. This one totally made me cry.

I highly recommend checking out the rest of the books in this collection. I know I'm planning on it.

Thursday, July 28, 2016


Can I just say I love Photoshop . . . and I hate it!!!

What an absolutely amazing tool, especially for designers and fantasy map makers (like me). But oh my how many options, settings, tools, frustrations, ahhhhhhhhs you can get from using Photoshop.

I've been designing some covers for my books and it has been quite the experience. The more I work, the better I get and the more I learn, but sometimes I wonder if I will ever get the cover right. There are so many teeny tiny little things I can change or alter, that will change or alter the entire appearance of the cover.

Every option makes me sigh. Every change makes me question if it is better than the last. So many options, so little time. I get tired just thinking about it.

Perhaps I will put it away and actually work on editing something, after I make this one little tweak.

. . . Three hours later

There it's perfect. Now I can set it aside. I'm just going to fix that one little thing in the corner . . .

Friday, July 8, 2016

Cover Reveal

Hi all,

I posted this all over Facebook, but then I realized I needed to post it here as well.

So here is the cover for my next book coming this fall.

It will be available in September on Amazon and wherever Deseret Books are sold!!!

Crossing Lines is a historical novel set in the backdrop of German-occupied Austria and Italy during World War II.
Captain Charlie Banks, an American B-17 bomber pilot, never thought he’d get stuck behind enemy lines. He never thought the war would tear his life apart. And he never thought he’d fall in love with the enemy.
After his plane crashes in Austria, he makes for the Italian border with his navigator and friend, Sam, the only other surviving crew member. They stop for the night in an abandoned barn only to be discovered the next morning by Marianne Leichtner. To the Americans’ relief, Marianne doesn’t turn them in. In fact, she and her mother hide Charlie and Sam.
Marianne’s courage and character soon win Charlie’s heart. When the Nazis come looking for survivors of the plane crash, Charlie realizes he and Sam can no longer put Marianne and her mother in danger. 
The two Americans must cross through enemy territory and find a way back to England. If they get caught it could mean their lives, but if they succeed, Charlie may never see Marianne again.