Friday, January 6, 2012

The Tower 1

I lay in bed listening to the rushing sound of the morning traffic on the freeway just below my hotel room.  Sunlight filters through the sheer curtains creating a natural golden cast on everything it touches.  Despite the freeway there is a peaceful feeling in the room.  I close my eyes wanting to bask in the experience for just a little longer.

The sounds from the freeway melt into the background and are slowly replaced by another.  It is familiar, but unfamiliar.  I listen carefully until I finally realize it is the rustling of leaves in a morning breeze.  I open my eyes and to my surprise find myself lying on a soft carpet of moss in the middle of a forest.

Massive trees reach hundreds of feet to the sky.  The sunlight passing through the leaves make distorted patterns on the ground beneath my feet.  I turn around in awe taking in the strange beauty all around me.  Uniquely shaped bushes are scattered across the forest floor.  I reach out to touch one and it shimmers and blurs before me.  When my eyes refocus I find the bush has moved several feet away.

Confusion washes over me.  Where was I?  How did I get here?  These questions fill my mind with increasing fear.  I close my eyes and take a deep breath calming my scattered nerves.  When I feel ready I open them and look around carefully.  A trail, slightly hidden by the strange bushes, lays just to my right.  I move toward the trail stepping carefully past the foliage.

I walk for what seems like hours weaving in and out between the massive trees.  Ahead I notice a change in the light; I increase my pace.  I can see now there is a break in the trees.  I approach it cautiously not wanting to fall off a cliff or anything.  It feels like the trees step aside for me to pass.

I now face a clearing the size of half a football field.  In the center of the clearing is a tower made of beautiful round stones.  An arched doorway at the base catches my eye.  I slowly make my way to the doorway.  It looks like wood, but with the sparkle of granite in the sunlight.  As soon as I reach the door it opens.

Nervously I step across the threshold.

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to be continued...

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