Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2014 ANWA Conference

So this last weekend I was able to again attend the American Night Writer's Association (ANWA) 2014 Conference. What an amazing experience. Though I always take a hit to my self-esteem after these conferences and I spend a good day thinking my writing is horrible, LOL, after I process the enormous amount of information I learn I actually get excited about the things I've learned and what I can do to improve and move on.

The conference took place at the Mesa Hilton in Mesa, AZ. It was nice to spend a few days in the warmer weather and to drink from that firehose of information. Hopefully everything will sink in soon.

At the conference I was able to meet some interesting characters. During the conference on Friday

night we had an Antagonist gala.

 I met Professor Umbridge, but she didn't mess with me because shortly after that I posed with my good friend Maleficent.

The best of all though was when I got to meet best-selling author Brandon Mull. Crazy!!!

I learned so much all weekend long and I am hoping that it will help me with my future endeavors. It was also great to meet up and reconnect with friends. You can't beat that. :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Line That Divides is doing pretty good, I'd say. Thank you!!!

So I just got FB tagged in this article and of course it made me almost cry with tears of joy and awe.

Check it out: 2014 Mormon Literature Year in Review–Part 2, Mormon and Independent Markets.

Thank you to everyone who helped The Line That Divides do so well!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Review: Once Upon Two Kingdoms by Anna del C. Dye

I recently had the opportunity to read Once Upon Two Kingdoms by Anna del C. Dye. This was a wonderful and fun story that shows the power of individuality and how love can cross any barriers the world around us can create.

Freedom to Choose is paramount for any human
 An arrangement made when Elizabeth was just a babe ties her to someone she has never met, never spoken to, never loved. Now she desires freedom—a way to choose her own path—her own husband. The moment Elizabeth meets Patrick she knows he is her soul mate. But when you are bound to a crown how is any choice your own?

It was a delightful read that captured my attention from beginning to end. Elizabeth is a beautiful, young women with a strong will, and an even stronger sense of understanding and duty. I love that she doesn't sigh and bemoan her life but takes charge and makes decisions.

Patrick is an intriguing character. It's hard not to fall in love with him as you read how he relates to Elizabeth. I loved how he was a gentleman, but it didn't take away from her independence. There were times, however, that I wanted to strangle them both.

The story is set in the midst of two neighboring kingdoms who are friendly. But when the Kings get together and plan the futures of their children you know problems will arise. As the story unfolds more and more obstacles are placed in Elizabeth and Patrick's path, guaranteeing a war or worse. Elizabeth, bound by duty and a respect for her parents, is loathe to marry a total stranger. Patrick wants the freedom to choose his wife. In a strange twist of events they meet and their lives are changed forever in ways that they can't even fathom.

There were some elements of the story that appeared to be very predictable, but the plot twists and turns we met with along the way, balanced everything out. Anna del C. Dye has created a wonderful fantasy world with lovable and relatable characters and a setting that any woman would love to fall in love in.

For more information go to:

Anna was born in the extreme South along some famous beaches. She grew up with four other siblings, being placed in the middle.
Anna moved to the USA to marry her husband Rodney, and has resided in Utah since then. Her husband, a native of Idaho, met her in her hometown. They fell in love and she came to Utah on Christmas Eve to be married two weeks later. They are the parents of three princes and a princess.
Early on in her life she showed an affinity for sewing and took classes that have rewarded her with the opportunities of doing the costuming for the cast of four musicals, and Utah’s own Fantasy Con, which she enjoyed immensely. She is fluent in both English and Spanish.
Some of Anna’s writing recognitions:
She received the Editor’s Choice Award from the International Library of Poetry and had her article entitled A New American Motherpublished by Desert Saints Magazine. Her short story entitled Amerine—Fairy Princess won an award in a League of Utah Writers contest later to be published by Kalkion Magazine. (Now it has been published as an e-book.) Other articles about family and relationship have been published frequently in the MOMS CLUBĂ’ of Salt Lake Valley-West. She has published 7 books on her Elf series. Her and Rodney’s love story was published by Deseret book in the anthology entitled Angels Round About compiled by July C. Olsen. Another of her articles was included in the Anthology Mother’s Message in a Bottle, edited by Tyler Hayden and published by Nimbus Publishing.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dear Editor

Dear Author,

I'm here. I'm waiting. I will be an amazing character. I will make you laugh. I will make you cry. I will drive you crazy. I will make you fall in love with me. I just need you to open up and let me out.

Anticipatingly yours,
New Story

Dear New Story,

I know you're in there. I've heard you whispering to my mind. I want to let you out and introduce you to the world, but I'm not quite ready yet. Give me a little more time and I promise you will come alive.


Dear Job,

Sometimes I wish I could just ignore you and completely lose myself in writing, but unfortunately you are what allows me to keep writing. I'm glad to have you.


Dear Mommy,

Why do you keep tapping that cold metal thing with your fingers. You give that thing more attention than you do me. I'm so much cuter and warmer and softer. I lick your face and give you love, but you just tap away for hours on end. What is so great about that. It doesn't even squeak. Come on, just put it down and throw that toy, or better yet get me a treat. I promise I will lay down and leave you alone if you'll just feed me and play with me and take me for a walk. If not then I will be forced to used drastic measures.

Hopefully waiting,

Dear Jetfire,

You cute little dog. I love you so much, but not so much when you lay across my chest and block my view of the computer screen, or when you walk all over my keyboard wreaking havoc on my story. I love that you want me to give you attention, and I promise I will take you for a walk and play with you just as soon as I finish this chapter. Now go and lay down. I'll call you when I finish.


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Today is my birthday!!!

What a wonderful day. I got to sleep in until 6:15 this morning and then I got ready and caught the shuttle to the SLC airport. Once on my plane my awesome crew pulled me aside, sang, and gave me a chocolate cupcake with Happy Birthday on it. They even had candles, but we can't light candles on the airplane.
After everyone got on the plane the ground crew had the passengers sing happy birthday to me. Then my captain announced to everyone that it was my birthday and mentioned my book. I'm pretty sure my face was bright red. My captain made it a point to let the passengers on my other two flights know that it was my birthday.

On our break between the flights we went out to Beaches, (a restaurant in the airport) and I got a stack of pancakes.

After work today Dawn Malek​ and I went out to Olive Garden for

my dinner. We had a great waitress named Brittany. She was a sweetheart. I got a fun little dessert and Brittany wrote Happy Birthday on the plate. It was so neat. It's been a very fun day!!!

It does feel kind of crazy that I'm as old and young as I am. It is almost hard to believe that the years have gone by so fast. It does, however, make you think about what you've done with the time given you. I'm grateful to be alive and happy and healthy.

What a great day!!! Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes everyone!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Review: Does This Insecurity Make Me Look Fat? by Michelle Wilson

Why do clothing stores hang fun-house mirrors in their dressing rooms?

• The laundry doesn’t cry when it’s not folded, so why should I?
• Can I be confident even if an elevator calls me fat?

Michelle Wilson’s humorous yet poignant insights help women examine the limitations we place on ourselves out of insecurity and self-doubt. We have faith in God, but do we know that He has faith in us?

When we see ourselves with God’s eternal perspective, we can feel confident and whole—even in our imperfection. Just think what we might accomplish if we truly believe that we are more important than we know, stronger than we realize, and extraordinary in every way.

For any woman out there who needs a good boost of confidence and guidance to help improve the way you look at yourself, I highly recommend you, inhale, consume, absorb, this book!!!

I give five big gold stars to Michelle Wilson for writing a book that is so full of common sense and practical principles that can help us improve our lives.

From beginning to end I was drawn to the simplicity of this book. I usually don't like self-help books, but this is beyond a simple self-help, this is a great way to teach yourself how to grow and become a better person.

Her suggestions to "Learn to See" and then "Choose to Be" are demonstrated so clearly and matter-of-factly that anyone on any level can understand and find a way to make their perspective, their lives, and their outlook on the future better.

Thanks, Michelle, for being in-tune with the spirit and helping us find a plain and simple way to draw closer to Heavenly Father. It's not always easy, but you have given us the tools to make ourselves better.

I loved this book. Michelle's writing is fun and infectious, allowing the reader to relate easily to someone on their level. Two Thumbs UP!!!

Does This Insecurity Make Me Look Fat? can be purchased at Deseret Book, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

Michelle Wilson is a stay-at-home mom, blogger, speaker, and writer. through serving a full-time mission, teaching seminary and Sunday School classes, and speaking at firesides and conferences, Michelle has developed a love of the gospel and its simplicity. she is a lover of God, family, laughter, and chocolate (pretty much in that order). Michelle lives with her husband, Jerey, and their three children in Washington State.

For more information check out her website: Michelle Wilson at Large.