Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Things we take for granted

I am sitting here enjoying a small cup of applesauce and remembering that I really do like applesauce and how much I've missed eating it and I thought that I had taken for granted the fact that my wonderful friend made jars and jars of homemade applesauce and I never eat it.

Then I started thinking about all the things I take for granted and the things others might take for granted that I value.

Take for instance the sense of smell. More often than not people take this wonderful sense for granted. They spend more time complaining about how bad things smell than enjoying the good scents in life.

I don't have this problem because my sense of smell is not functional. I have had the absolutely wonderful opportunity to smell seven things in my entire life. Of those items only two have been food and two were spices. The only scent I have been able to continuousely smell is peppermint. When I catch that brief hint of something wonderful I go crazy trying to find out what it is so I can remember it if I ever happen to smell it again.

On the other hand I have a friend whose sense of smell is overwhelming to the point that just the wrong fragrance can give her a headache.

Two opposite ends of the spectrum and two completely different views of life. I don't have hardly any memories attached to smell and she has a plethora of them. Smell doesn't draw me to food and all she has to do is smell it and she wants it.

How often do we take something like this for granted. I probably take the fact that something stinks and doesn't bother me for granted. When everyone around me is miserable I am oblivious. :)

So the next time you are enjoying something think about what you have and don't take it for granted.

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