Monday, July 9, 2012

And more books

So I have been thinking a lot about books lately, as you've all probably noticed and I realized that I haven't really given very many recommendations of books that I've read and enjoyed. So here are a few more to consider.

In the fantasy and fairytale world there is a series of novels call the Books of Bayern by Shannon Hale. The first is The Goose Girl. It is a wonderful retelling of the Grimm fairy tale. There are four books in the series and each one coveres a different character, but you still have interaction with your original characters.

As you may have noticed I am a fan of series. I guess I just like to get a little bit more if I like the characters that I am reading about. So if you are like this too then you will enjoy these books.

Shannon Hale has also written a few other stand alone novels including a delightful tale called The Princess Academy.

Another author I have enjoyed reading in the mystery and suspense world is Phyllis A Whitney. She writes exciting novels that have a wonderful twist of romance, but keep you on edge and anxious for what will happen next. She has been one of my favorite authors since I was a teen and I think I might have read every book she wrote.

So there are two of my suggestions for books to read. Enjoy, but come back soon. :)

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