Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I sit thoughtfully on my bed in my hotel room and listen to the sounds of the city below me. I wonder about the many vehicles that rush by on their way to where ever it is they are going. Do they wonder about the people around them? The noise of their passing fades only to be replaced by another car as it rushes by.

The evening glow begins to fade as the sun continues on its steady journey toward the tree-topped mountains and the sounds change steadily. Now the wind is louder than rushing vehicles as the people reach their destinations and the road grows more and more deserted.

I wonder about the world around me. What would it sound like if there were no vehicles on the road? What would that absolute silence sound like? I can almost hear the chirping of the crickets, but the sound of the air-conditioner drowns them out.

With a smile I close the drapes and listen as the world goes quiet around me. Only a low thrumming remains and then that clicks off leaving only the precious sounds of nature.

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