Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Since I am a writer and I thrive on what goes through my imagination to create new and exciting stories, I have thought a lot about the world we live in and how different it would be without the technology and industry that we are all used to.

I have often wondered, as I stare through the misty pollution at the barely visible mountains, how beautiful the landscape would be without cars, trucks, tractors or machinery of any sort. But then as I consider this I wonder how people would survive without the food that these modern conveniences provide. 

How well would we do without electricity? Would we be able to live our lives or would we succumb to the possible violence of the world we live in.

These thoughts run through my head when I think about ideas for books and worlds to create. People used to live on this world without all of the technology and modern devices, but would we be able to do it again? When I consider this I think about how I would survive. I like to cook things from scratch, but how willing would I be to grind my wheat by hand without the handy electric grinder?

I have a tiny little garden of which I am very proud, but how willing would I be to plant an entire garden and weed it every day, carry water from a pond or well and eat only foods produced from that garden?

These are thoughts that stir my imagination and help me create characters who must meet these requirements. As each thought moves through my mind I wonder if I will ever have to be like these characters in my stories or the books I read. 

I wonder...

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