Thursday, July 12, 2012


I was just staring at a beautiful picture of a sunset my best friend took in Kauai. It makes me think of all the sunsets I have seen in my life and I appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of each one. No two sunsets are ever alike, just like people. Even twins have their differences in personality.

The sunset can be a brilliance of color and in a flash is gone or it can be a gentle fading of the light until we are left in twilight and then darkness. It can disappear with a gold or silver lining around the clouds or be snuffed out by a coming storm.

I love sunset. It is a time of reflection of the day and what you have accomplished and what you haven't accomplished, which in my case seems to be a lot, :). In some places it is watching the heat fade into the cool of a summer night and in others it is the delightful warmth chilling into a cold night.

My favorite place to watch sunset is of course on a beach where the waves are tipped with the golden light as they come crashing in and the large orange orb sinks slowly as if into the water, but sunset anywhere is just amazing to me.

So my advice for today is to go and watch a sunset somewhere and ponder the day.

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Jen said...

i took the time to jump on the trampoline with my oldest yesterday while looking at the sunset after a big rain storm. it was beautiful!