Monday, February 20, 2012


I just had the opportunity to spend part of an afternoon sitting happily in a chair reading a book and toasting my feet in sunshine. I had just finished a short morning of flying and had finally been able to change into comfy clothes and relax. Then I noticed the sunshine coming in the sliding glass door of my hotel room.

The idea popped into my head to move the reading chair and ottoman over to the sunshine and use it to warm my feet. My toes are always cold in a hotel room and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to warm them up.

I slid the chair and ottoman into place, grabbed a pillow and my book and relaxed in the sun, happy that I didn't have to fight the cool breeze from outside. My black socks and dark jeans soaked in the warm sun and I found myself getting drowsy.

With a contented sigh I continued reading until I just couldn't keep my eyes open. It was then that I gave in to the warmth and curled up in the chair and fell asleep all the while letting the sun keep my toes toasty warm.

I love sunshine!

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