Friday, February 24, 2012

Bath Time

Most kids love bath time, but not my boys. When I even mention the word bath their heads droop and I can almost hear the groans, but nonetheless I start the water and pull out the shampoo and conditioner. I put the mat down in the tub so they won't slide around on the smooth porcelain and set the scrubber on the side of the tub. I have a cup ready to rinse their bodies without a dunking and then I go in search of them.

One I find buried under the blankets on my bed the other hiding under the coffee table. With coaxing and promise of treats I finally get them into my arms and into the bathroom.  I shut the door to prevent any escapees and carefully set them in the tub. Now there is definite whining. Why me? they seem to say with their expressions.

I pump some shampoo into my hands and rub it together to form bubbles and then start scrubbing their backs. I wash them thoroughly from head to toe, even their ears and between their toes, then rinse.  The scrubbing isn't so bad, but the rinse is the worst. One shakes his head trying to avoid the coming downpour, but I hold him still and drench making sure to get all of the soap off.

Next I condition following all of the same steps.  I can tell they are getting excited because their torcher is almost over. When I finish I rub them down and take them outside to dry off in the warm sunshine of the patio. They look at me expectantly knowing that a treat is soon to come. With a smile I grab the jar and pull out two large treats for my good little boys. They happily take the treats from my outstretched hands and run to their damp towels and begin chewing happily.

Despite the frustration of having to bathe them, seeing their tails wag in delight is one of the best treats of having dogs.

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