Sunday, February 26, 2012

Look Up

So I was reading the Conference edition of the Ensign (November 2011) and I read this really awesome talk by Elder Carl B. Cook called It Is Better To Look Up.  It brought out some very good points about how we too often focus on the things of this world instead of looking up to our Heavenly Father.

I realized that too often I do just that and if I were to look up more often and seek the help and comfort of my Savior then I would be able to do so much more with my life.  I'm grateful that we have this opportunity.  And it isn't just available to me or members of my church.  It is available to all of God's children.  He is there for us.  He loves us and wants us to turn to him in all things good and bad.

What a beautiful concept.  Let's look up.

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