Sunday, February 19, 2012

Being humble is good

I found myself in a very humbling position the other day. I can't say that I enjoy being humbled, but I am grateful that I realized just how humble I needed to be before I got too angry or annoyed. I had just visited a dear friend in another state and was making my way home using my wonderful flight benefits. Everything seemed to be going so well and I was hopeful to reach my home early enough to accomplish several errands for a four day trip I had to work the following day. There I was in Sam Francisco airport waiting for my flight home when everything started to fall apart. The flight was delayed already, but I wasn't worried and then it went crazy. President Obama flew into Sam Fran and everything coming SMS going was delayed. This ended up pushing my flight back even further and I was In the process of cursing the President that I already don't like when I realized something: I had been praying that I would get on my flight and because of the delay several passengers took other flights. By the time our plane arrived and we boarded there was plenty of room for me. I was truly humbled. Here the Lord had handed me a ticket and because of the "delays" I was too blind to see it at first. I am so thankful I realized my mistake before I got worse. This is a lesson to look for the blessing past the trials that may be in the forefront.

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