Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ideas rolling around in my head

I was going to get caught up today, but instead I find myself thinking about new story ideas. I have so many plots swimming in my brain right now that none of them seem to want to progress. Perhaps if I can spend some good quality time focusing on each story at a time or maybe just get away from it all and read a good book that might help a little.

So I apologize for not continuing on with The Tower. Rest assured that our characters are well fed and ready to fight Antheus if he comes along. Perhaps something will pop into my mind that will give them an upper hand, but with the way things have been going yesterday and today it might be good to stay away from this story for awhile. I might just kill off someone important just because I'm feeling annoyed with floods, boxes, piles of furniture and dogs that won't stop barking.


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