Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Penny Project by Betsy Love

WOW!!! There aren't too many books out there that can make me go through the whole gamut of emotions, but this one did the trick. This was a fantastic story about love, service, and what we can do to change other people's lives for the better. Well done, Betsy Love, well done.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs to get into the Christmas spirit or even a spirit of love and service.

As the prospective valedictorian, wide receiver and favored tenor in show choir, Jake knows he’s at the top of his game. He sets his sights on Lexi, the sweetest and hottest girl at Palmdale High and can’t miss. 
However, racing to class one morning, he plows into Penelope, the overweight new girl. Books and papers fly everywhere. He helps her with her things, even holds her hand so she can stand up. 
Someone snaps a picture and sends the text all over school. Egged on by his friends and desperate to squash any rumors before Lexi gets back from Mexico, he pulls a juvenile prank. NOT his brightest idea. As punishment he must tutor Penelope three days a week. Her grade is now his grade. He sees his chance at a full ride scholarship disappearing faster than a missed field goal. And to make matters worse, Lexi sides with Penelope.

Jake is like any typical teenager that you want to hug and strangle all at the same time. He gets himself into mess after mess and in the end it seems like there is no way out. Penny you want so desperately to love and by the end of the book you realize that you have loved her all along. It is a story for all ages with lessons to learn from every point of view. Great Book!!!

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