Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Car Shopping Stinks

So I've been out looking for a new used car and I have to say I'm sick of it. Long story short my wonderful 2002 Infinity G20 that I've driven for the last ten years said adieu. I put no blame on anyone for my car's untimely demise. The problems probably could have been fixed with the right mechanic, but they were beyond me and my pocketbook so I let the insurance company total out the car.

Since that painful day, yes I actually cried and then promptly forgot to grab my plates, I have been searching for a new mode of transportation. I've considered going the route of the train and bus users to get to work and then depending on friends to cart me everywhere else, but I can't say I'm quite ready to forge ahead on that route. I figure I'm either too entitled or too lazy, both of which are completely understandable when you have to drag all your flight bags, for a three day trip, half a mile in the rain to the train stop.

Needless to say my search hasn't gone too stupendously great. I did find a vehicle that I like a lot, in
fact I will go as far as to admit that I love it, but finding one with the right miles, in the right condition, and for the right price is nearly impossible. And why is it that every dealership out there has "the best prices" and "everything is negotiable" when it really isn't? A little honesty would be nice once in a while. (sigh)

My search continues and I hope to soon be driving in a new used car. Until then I am reliant on a wonderful best friend who is willing to take me to work or the train stop, depending on the day and I'm hoping and praying that the Lord will see it in his will to put me in the right place to find the car I need to be in.

Here's hoping and praying. :)

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