Sunday, May 12, 2013

So apparently I've been busy...

Well things have been a bit on the crazy side for me. I had a lot of flying at the end of April and then I transferred domiciles, again, and then I drove my car from Phoenix, AZ to Portland, OR.
We stopped briefly in Redding, CA and took pictures at the Redding temple. Now I have visited all of the temples in CA except for Sacramento. It was too far out of the way. :(

And now my car is in Oregon
Mount Shasta on the drive
Wait a minute! We left Phoenix two days ago! Did I make a wrong turn?

 Once I arrived in Portland I got to spend a fun day with my best friend on her birthday. We went into the city and saw some cool things. We rode the tram up the hillside.

It wasn't as scary as I thought it was going to be.

Portland, OR from the tram. Pretty cool!

 And I got to go inside the awesomest book store ever! Powell's books. It goes on and on and on and on...

On our way into the city we stopped by the Portland, OR temple. It is so beautiful. I just love temples.

And check out this amazing view from the house where I get to stay with some wonderful people.

Overall it has been a crazy two weeks and thus I haven't really added much except to finish The Shadow. Now I know all my readers are just dying to have another story, but I'm not going to get your hopes up. I am working on a project that is taking all of my time and so it might be a while before I have another story to add. Keep posted. There will definitely be some Dear Editors and maybe even some sneak stories. 

Happy Day and Amazing Week!!!

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