Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dear Editor

Dear English Language,

I never really understood just how complicated and complex you were until I started writing novels. I am amazed at how many different versions or words and phrases there are and to make things even worse one word can have multiple meanings that will confuse and distort even more. 

Cheers to the millions of people in the world who have mastered you and cheers to all my English teachers throughout elementary, middle, high schools and college. Wow. Yep that's it, wow!



P.S. First off I have never done a ps and you should be honored. Second, I'm sorry but because of my imagination I'm afraid I have invented new words. :)

Dear Keyboard,

What is up with you. Are you getting hot or overworked or something? Seriously, I am waaaay too busy for you to be acting up and you are waaaay too new to be having issues. Snap to it now, let's get to work.

Tap, tap, tapping on the keys,


Dear Seranea,

Oh, honey, I'm so sorry you had to be poisoned, but I'm glad we have new dimensions to work with in the people you are now associating with. Who would have thought...elflins. Also you really don't have too much to complain about. Talk to Eridale and she'll tell you what pain really is.

Sorry again,


Dear Storm,

Ha Ha! I have finally managed to subdue your evil counterpart, the prequel series, and have actually been able to focus on the dryads. Back back ye stormy fiend, I shall triumph yet!

Fighting Fingers,


Dear Elvish,

I know there are so many writers out there who have invented their own elvish language and I am very excited to now add my scattering of words to that mess. Although I think I like my elvish best of all, but that is probably just a pride thing.

Theloil per-oithe (I enter in peace),

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