Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

You think you're being mean or brutal or even harsh, but you're not. I love your comments and your common sense. You are making the Storm even better and I'm very grateful for your help.


M M Mason

Dear S,

It's going to work out, I promise. And though there will probably be pain and suffering in the future it will be happy in the end.

Always Present,


Dear Prequel,

I know, I know, you're still waiting! Give me another month with the dryads and I promise I will return...well maybe two months, I'm changing domiciles AGAIN and things are a little crazy right now. Ok, let's be safe. Give me three months and then I promise we'll talk.

Stormily Waiting,


Dear ^,

I don't even know how to use you or why you are even on my keyboard except to make interesting smiley characters, and even then I don't know how you would work.



Dear Frog,

You're not a prince. Get over it.

Lips Sealed,


Dear Publishers,

I'm still waiting...patiently...ok, not so patiently. Please, someone give me something, anything...

Writer in Waiting

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