Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dear Editor

Dear Storm,

I know I shouldn't have read all four of your books, but I was editing the latest chapter from my faithful (and totally amazing) editor and decided I wanted to just keep reading. After I finished the first book of course I had to read the second and well it just snowballed from there. Needless to say it's been a week (and four of those days were spent moving) and I just finished reading the last book. I have to admit that I am feeling very humble right now. I know for certain that there is no possible way I could have written you without some sort of divine inspiration. Now I just need some divine help in getting a publisher to show interest in you. Thank you for the wonderful journey. We shall meet again at the beginning...really in prequel.

Amazed and Humbled,


Dear Heroins,

I just want to apologize right now for all the horrible things I have put you all through during the last ten years. I have pushed you all to your limits and beyond and yet you've all come out beautifully and more heroic than before. Thank you for being the best part of my imagination!



Dear Knight in White,

I haven't written to you before because you seem so distant in my future, but I'm feeling very close to you today, so you get your own letter. Hopefully I will get published soon and you can read all the characteristics I am certain you will possess in the valiant leading men of my books. I will do my best to develop all of the amazing characteristics of my heroins in myself so we will be a match made in heaven. But I will give you a fair warning, I tend to have lots of Eridale's impatience and a little...well more than a little of her temper. Even so I promise to love you deeply and fight just as dramatically for our future as my heroins have done for theirs.


Princess M 
(Hey I can be a princess in my own mind.)

Dear Auto Edit,

Yes I know most of the names in my stories don't exist and you think there are many other ways I should be spelling those words. Just trust me, I know what I'm doing...most of the time.



Dear Jason,

She's coming back and boy does she have a surprise for you!

Incredulously Yours,


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