Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dear Editor

Dear Author,

     AAHHHH!!! Okay, just focus on one project at a time. Stop thinking about prequels and publishing, sad stories and adventures. Right now you are working with dryads and evil creatures. That is what you need to finish, so finish already. Sheesh. How hard can it be to focus. I mean really. There isn't that much on your plate. You're only moving to AZ from CA and changing domiciles, packing, trying to get your dogs from chewing up every blanket in the house, plus working. It's not much. You should easily be able to focus on one story.  So there's my rant.


     Focused Writer

Dear Book World,

     I want so much to be a part of you and let millions of readers be touched, changed and entertained by my imaginations. Please let me in!


     MM Mason

Dear Punctuation,

     I think I've actually used all of you and surprisingly enough I've used you correctly, until my editor says otherwise. Thank you all for your hard work and proper usage. 

  Gratefully Yours,


Dear Dryads,

     I just have to say that I'm really glad I live in a world where boys aren't the minority...oh wait, they are. Never mind.

  Wishing there were more men,  

    Overwhelmed by women


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