Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vacation does not always mean rest

So I'm back from my vacation and I need to lay down. :) 
I spent three glorious days in Orlando, FL taking in the sights of:

Disney's Epcot Center 

Universal Studio's 
Wizarding World of Harry Potter 

the Kennedy Space Center

the Orlando Temple

and the beautiful Atlantic. 

Yes, I need a rest.

I had a wonderful time with my dad who met me and my bestest friend in Phoenix and then we all hoped and prayed and then finally made it on the flight and flew to Orlando. It was crazy busy, but it was fun. I got to have all sorts of characters wish me a happy birthday and I even got a song. :) And at the end of the night they even set of a fireworks display for me. I felt so special!!!

Oh the joys of wearing a big pin that says Happy Birthday Melanie!

I got to travel all over the world without leaving Florida and I dined on expensive French deserts.

I got to test drive high powered vehicles and zoom across the dangerous Chevrolet testing grounds.

(I'm still trying to get the snarls out of my hair)

I had to fight off a t-rex and brave the dangerous river conditions


I also had the wonderful opportunity of drinking frozen butterbeer and yummy pumpkin juice, 
and eating pumpkin pasties and cauldron cakes from Honeydukes.

I got to see a young girl choose her wand...well actually the wand chooses the wizard or witch, 
and meet the conductor of the Hogwarts Express.

I even felt like a triwizard champion when I held a small replica of the cup!

Unfortunately my chocolate frog wasn't jumping.

At the end of it all we got up early and headed for the airport. Everything was going our way and the flights looked good until everyone decided to make their flight instead of missing it. When we thought all was lost, surprise! There were three seats available, but unfortunately there was one person ahead of us on the list. 

So, knowing I have other options, I sent my dad and Dawn on to Phoenix and stayed in Orlando to discover other options. Luckily working the customer service counter was the absolute best CS agent ever. He helped me book my dad on the flight to SLC and then he searched for options for me. At the last minute he noticed a flight from Orlando to DCA that was leaving like right now and it looked like there were available seats. 

Yep, I took a two hour flight and spent a half an hour in Washington, D.C Reagan Airport. I was there only 30 minutes because the connecting flight to Phoenix was getting ready to board as I left the jet bridge. I got my seat assignment for the Phoenix flight and boarded the plane happily bound for my original destination and arriving about two hours after my dad had already headed to SLC.

Dawn met me at the airport with the dogs and we barely, and I mean barely, caught the flight from PHX to Fresno. I really need a nap! :)

Even with all the drama, it was a wonderful trip. I got to spend some quality time with my dad and see the sights I probably wont see again...well maybe.


Niamh said...

Yay! More pictures :) So glad you got to have a fun vacation!!!

MM Mason said...

Me too. I'm so glad we got to share pictures with you guys as well. That made everything all the more fun!