Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dear Editor

Dear Publishers,

     Please, pretty, pretty please tell me that you want to brave the Storm. I'm certain you won't regret it.


    Hopeful to be Published

Dear Question Mark,

     Why is it when I am writing that I forget to add you to the end of a question? Is it simply because I'm thinking the person isn't really questioning things? Perhaps it is your ridiculous placement on the keyboard that makes you difficult to use, is that it? I really do have to pause when I use you; it takes a whole separate movement, do you realize this? Did you plan it this way? Or was it some sort of evil plan by government minions to keep us from asking questions? I wish I knew, don't you?

   Tired of reaching for the ?,


Dear GG,

     I can't believe you are so stuck on this quest for power. You didn't get it in V-City and you certainly aren't going to get it from the King. What makes you so certain you will get it anywhere? You're evil. You need to accept the fact that you really aren't special and get over it. Yeah, you might have a 'gift' now, but really it's nothing compared to others, so get over yourself.

   Wishing You'd Recognize the Truth

     AG, JC, JG, L, FA, CG, EG, CG, MG, SU, and all the others whose lives you are destroying

Dear Storm,

     Please stop hovering in the back of my mind. I have other things I need to finish right now, so go take a rest all ready.



Dear Long Layover,

     Thank you for the much needed rest. I finished editing one book and started reading and editing another. It is nice to get a few things done once in a while.

   Happily Waiting,

     Flight Attendant

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