Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dear Editor

Dear Writer's Block,

    I am NOT a fan. How come you allow me to think of stuff for one story, but not the one I really want to finish. Go away!!!

Dear Angelia,
   I forgot how temperamental and yet so awesomely nice you are. You really just need to throw a fit and get it out. Then you will be able to move on with your new gift.
  Yours Truly,


Dear Doggie,

    I love you, my pet, but when you sit on my chest and try to lick my face it makes it really difficult to write. I'll play with you when I finish this chapter.


Dear Jorealen,

    I'm so excited to read about you again. Your perfection awaits my anxiously beating heart. (sigh)
  All My Love,

    Waiting for Romance

Dear Exclamation Point!

    Do I really have to be exclaiming something to use you. Sometimes I just am so excited to share what I have to say that I want to emphasize it by using you. That doesn't necessarily mean I am exclaiming from the rooftops...well maybe a little...I guess I do tend to exclaim things when I'm excited...Oh all right, I guess I am exclaiming when I use you. 
  Till The Next Shout!


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