Sunday, January 27, 2013

What a Wonderful World

As I stare out the window at the coastline far below and the slow rolling waves as they wash onto the shore, I am amazed at the beauty of this world that we live on. Surely our Heavenly Father must love us to give us such an awesome earth with its many varieties of climates and environments.

We can enjoy the deep red and brown tones of the desert with its quiet beauty and heat or the rolling hills of farmland, or the majestic snow-capped mountains with their rocky heights and awe-inspiring vistas. Or there are the deep, multi-faceted, greens of the forest lands and the spicy scent of pine and fir trees. And of course my own personal favorite, the sandy beaches with the soothing sound of the crashing waves.

I can't help but feel so small and yet so important when I see the wide expanse of beauty around me. Even the stars spread across the sky glow brightly for us to see and use for guidance. How can I matter? And yet I really do matter. I matter enough for Heavenly Father to create this amazing earth. I am important enough that he inspired men and women to creates these neat airplanes that I get to work in and see a tiny portion of his creations. Wow!

It's humbling just to consider it. But it's true!

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