Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dear Editor

Dear Series,
    Why is it when you are finished that I have to start thinking about and even sketching notes for your prequel? Aren't four books enough?
  Stormed Out

Dear Semicolon,
   How in the world am I supposed to use you correctly? I'm not even sure I understand your rules and regulations for use. Please explain.

Dear Characters,
    I'm tired of solving your problems. Solve them yourselves and then get back to me with the answers so I can continue your stories.
  Thank you,

Dear Fantasy Publishers,
    I promise you really will like my story. Many readers have agreed. I know you tend toward the outrageously fantastical, but I really think my story will make a smash hit. Please accept me.
    A. Galashad

Dear Antagonist,
    You really are evil. What kind of a person would do the things you do? How can you live with yourself?
  Just Wondering,

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