Thursday, January 24, 2013


What is it about Broadway music that makes me want to sing and dance. Just the other day I had a long list of chores to do and so I go to my computer and pull up my music to listen to. Instead of some awesome rock music with a fast beat I choose Broadway.

After choosing Broadway songs I turn the computer speakers up as loud as they can go and then proceed to sing my way through the housework. I'm just glad my neighbors are hard of hearing. By the end of my playlist my voice was a bit ragged, but I had performed the most popular songs of the major broadway hits and my house was clean.

AT THE END OF THE DAY there is ONE DAY MORE and even though I HEARD SOMEONE CRYING it was okay, so DON'T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA. I am WISHING YOU WERE SOMEHOW HERE AGAIN, but knowing you THINK OF ME is enough. There are many DAYS OF PLENTY ahead and ONE DAY I'LL FLY AWAY; probably tomorrow since I'm flying. Even though I've been ON MY OWN I'm going to HOLD ON and realize YOU MUST LOVE ME even though we haven't met yet. ALL I ASK OF YOU is that you WALTZ into my life soon. It's not fun being HERE ALONE and I'D BE DELIGHTED if you could help light THE FIRE WITHIN ME. IN MY LIFE I've seen a lot of EMPTY CHAIRS AT EMPTY TABLES, but even though A LITTLE FALL OF RAIN won't BRING HIM HOME that's all right. It's ASTONISHING how SOME THINGS ARE MEANT TO BE.

So for those of you who are familiar with some of the classic broadway hits I challenge you to figure out which song isn't.

Happy singing!

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Niamh said...

Is it the last one that isn't? I'm thinking it's "Can't Help Falling in Love"...