Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Prequels and Inspriation

So I wrote a story several years ago. It is my baby of all stories, the first novel I have ever written. I want so very desperately to get it published, but no one really seems interested in it at this time. I keep hoping someone will read the synopsis and go crazy with excitement because this will be the next great novel. Unfortunately this is the reason I haven't posted it anywhere.

Well a few years later I decided to continue the story and I wrote another story. I liked this one a lot, almost better than the first (which is weird because sequels aren't usually that great and of course it falls in line with other part twos that always make me cringe with anticipation and annoyance with the author for letting tragedy strike and leaving me hanging). I was very excited about this second novel, but still I couldn't get it published because of course the first one has to come first. So there they sit, my two 'babies' hoping for that publisher who thinks I'm the next JK Rowling or Stephenie Meyer.

Then because I know that I can't stand it when I am left hanging I decided to finish out the trilogy and I wrote the third novel. I'm quite in love with the story (of course, it is my story) and I'm still hoping that someone will say 'yes, this is awesome! We'll publish it."

A year or so back I had the opportunity to enter a fantasy and science fiction writing contest. It is a novelette competition which I thought was awesome because I can't seem to keep my stories short enough, so I decided to write a short prequel to my above mentioned trilogy.

No I write pretty tame fantasy, I don't create strange creatures and monsters and my characters 'abilities' are usually within the normal relm of our world. So when I started the short prequel novelette I expected to stay within that range, but I did branch out more than normal in creating a background world for my trilogy.

I have to say that in the construction of the novelette I was truly inspired because things fell into place that made sense in the trilogy, but I didn't fully understand until the background was completely and clearly established. I wrote things in my trilogy that came to me as ideas, but when I completed the circle in the prequel they completed the circle.

I love to feel inspired in that way and I am grateful that I have been able to receive that inspiration.

So with all of this to think about I decided I am going to post the chapters of my prequel on my blog. Some of you have probably already read it because I posted the chapters on my HubPages account. Even if you have read them or if you are new, please let me know what you think. I am still trying to get my trilogy The Galashad Chronicles published and if there are enough interested parties perhaps someone really will say, 'hey this is good stuff, lets put it on paper.' :)

So tomorrow begins the adventure that started it all...

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