Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I have been in quite a writing spell lately. Now I know you're all probably wondering why I haven't posted anything yet. Mostly because I am still working on the novels. I find myself being affected by things that I read or hear about and then wanting to write either my own version or write about what I'm feeling.

I haven't started another blog story because I am currently working on two novels that have all the appearances of becoming trilogies or something like that. All of my energy is being spent working on these two books, but as soon as an idea pops into my mind for another blog story I'll start that too.

Once again I am open to any suggestions if someone wants me to try, just let me know.  We'll get the creative juices flowing. In the mean time I suggest reading The Chronicles of Narnia. They are always a good read. I have a few other authors that I really like. Perhaps I will suggest another one tomorrow.

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