Wednesday, June 20, 2012


He stared longingly at the strange plastic cup that Mommy held in her hand and watched as she carefully scraped the sides clean and stuck the metal spoon into her mouth.

"Why won't she share," he thought longingly. "It smells so good and inviting. Just what I need right now."

But still Mommy continued to eat in front of him until the plastic cup was empty. He watched her put the cup aside and return to the computer screen. Words continued to appear on the screen all the while the remnants of that inviting scent wafted across the room propelled by the breeze from the fan.

With a sigh he give up and starts back to the bedroom to sulk in comfort, but suddenly the words he had been waiting to hear sound through the house.

"Jet, Grant, come," Mommy calls.

Excitement thrills through him as he leaps off the bed where he had just gotten situated and scrambles across the annoying laminate floor and into the living room. There she sat with the plastic cup in her hand and a smile on her face. His rear end can stop wiggling from excitement.

"Come here Jet," Mommy says.

He dashes over and plunges his nose into the cup, licking to his hearts delight. The pure joy of that delicious scent comes to life on his tongue. Heaven.

"Good boy, that's enough," Mommy says taking the cup and his treat away.

He watched the cup just as longingly as before, but this time the taste is in his mouth making it water even more. Oh if he could just get one more lick he would be content, but no, the container goes into the trash.

He turns dejectedly back to the bedroom.

"Next time the lazer eyes will work and that cup will fall to the floor and I will get as much as my doggy heart desires," he thinks as he props his head on his paws.

He closes his eyes dreaming of the day when the cup will be full of delicious food and Mommy lets him eat it all.

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