Sunday, June 17, 2012

Missionary Work

So my best friend gave an amazing lesson in church today about Missionary work and why we do it. It was awesome to be a part of this lesson. As she began the lesson I opened a tupperware container of homemade cookies and began eating them. (Prior to the lesson we had spent some time making sure the smell of cookies had permeated the room so everyone could smell it as they entered.)

Throughout the whole first half of the lesson I enjoyed these cookies. There were all sorts of cookies: sugar cookies, chocolate chunk cookies, and peanut butter cookies. They were good cookies and the fact that I had them and could eat them made me happy.

In the lesson we talked about why missionary work is so important and not just for missionaries, but especially for members. We have this beautiful gift of the gospel that we can share with our friends, neighbors and family members. It brings us joy and it can bring others joy as well.

Finally my friend asked the class if anyone had noticed me eating the cookies. Almost every hand in the room went up. Then she asked how many of them would like a cookie. Most of the hands stayed up. Then she asked how many had asked her for a cookie. Only one hand stayed up and she had asked before class started. Lastly she asked how many would take a cookie if I had offered it. The hands all went back up.

Then the point was made that few of our friends, neighbors and family members can see us with the gospel in our lives and see how happy we are with it. Many of them want that same happiness, but will probably never ask for it. Thus it is up to us to offer this precious gift to those around us and let them choose whether or not they want it.

I felt the spirit so strongly as this lesson progressed. What a testimony and what a point that it is up to us to share with others and let them make the choice of whether to partake or not.

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