Friday, May 11, 2012

The Tower 64

“I won’t help you,” I say firmly.
“Suit yourself,” he says simply and then turns and heads down the stairs.
I feel like a caged animal, but I wonder about the protection that surrounds my body. I know his curses won’t work on me, but he could starve me or even physically torture me. How long would I last against that sort of treatment? And what could Sareanne and her father really do to help me? If Antheus was really as powerful as he said then they would be hard pressed to get on the island let alone into the tower.
I wonder if I would be able to leave. I look around the familiar room at the shelves of books with script writing and my eyes automatically fall on Sareanne’s book. It tempts me to read it, but I remember that Antheus has the power to pick the thoughts from my head. I turn away from the books.
I see a window in the far wall that I hadn’t noticed the first time I came to the tower. I go over and open the window. A breeze comes in swirling around me carrying the scent of the forest. I can even hear the soft rush of the wind in the trees. The sound pleasantly lulls me into a false sense of security, but I force myself to be vigilant and careful with my thoughts.
It is nice to hear sounds in this place. I wonder just how different Anderosea is now that the curse was broken. I find myself wishing I could return to Perdeen and see the castle and village as it properly is.
With a sigh I turn away from the window and make my way to one of the chairs. It has been a long, tiring day and despite the feeling of fear I fall asleep.
When I wake it is dark outside. I know I am getting my days and nights mixed up, but I don’t care anymore. I was pretty certain I wouldn’t make it out of this place alive anyway. Even if I did I would need a week of vacation just to recuperate.
I get up stiffly and try to work the kinks out of my neck and head to the window. I had left it open the evening before and now the chill night air came in making me shiver. I look out at a land bathed in moonlight and I wonder if it is the first time the land has seen moonlight since it was cursed.
As I stare I notice figures moving around in the shadows of the trees. At first I think it is wild animals of the forest awakened from their slumber, but then with a thrill of fear I realize there are people out there.
Did Antheus have people on his side? It couldn’t possibly be Sareanne or Rutheus, it had taken me three days of walking to reach Perdeen, but then I recalled that the distance could be covered much more quickly on horseback. Still it would have to be an incredibly fast horse.
I peered through the darkness trying to make out the shapes of the movement, but without success. Whatever it was it frightens me almost as much as Antheus does. I don't trust it and I know even if I could leave the tower I wouldn’t unless I knew I was safe from whatever stalked the shadows below.

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