Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day has been a difficult holiday for me during the last few years, but today I want to take a moment to honor mothers everywhere.

I start by giving honor to my own mother. She was an amazing woman full of faith, courage and humility. She fought a good fight and is, I'm sure, working hard with the angels in heaven. I am grateful to her for giving me life and loving me for who I am. She sacrifices countless hours to support, encourage and teach all of her children. I will always remember the conversations, projects, and plans we made. Thank you mom. I miss you so much, but I know that you are happy.

To my sister and sisters-in-law. Thank you for being wonderful friends and mothers. You have treated my brothers well and taught my nieces and nephews in the way they should go and instilled in them faith and strength to meet this world head on. You are all talented in so many ways and I am constantly impressed with your strength and character. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of each of your families and even letting me be 'in charge' once in a while even though I don't have children of my own. I love my nieces and nephews a bunch and how you have raised them makes me love them even more.

To my friends who are mothers: bless you all for being obedient and striving to fulfill your covenants and promises. I see you and hear about your families and I am so happy for you and wish you all the best. You deserve a pat on the back, so here is my little pat for you.

To my friends who aren't mothers, but really are: I love you all and hope and pray that your dreams and hopes will be fulfilled whatever they may be. You are all amazing women with so much to give. Keep giving and loving and you will all be blessed.

To my Heavenly Mother: I don't remember you, but I am certain you are there and that you weep for us, laugh with us, smile over us and love us more than we ever deserve. I look forward to the day when I can see you again and be in your loving embrace.

To mothers everywhere: Thank you for being a mom!

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