Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sarah and other women in the scriptures

So I usually post something here that has to do with church, but I have been thinking about this book I read about Sarah from the Bible. It was a fictional story by Orson Scott Card that I truly enjoyed, but it also made me think about the real Sarah and her kindness and bravery. Then I start thinking about other women from the scriptures. We don't hear a lot about these women and sometimes it is good and sometimes it is bad, but the writer in me wonders about their story.

I am a woman and I know the thoughts, feelings, and emotions I deal with on a day to day basis, these women from the scriptures dealt with similar thoughts feelings, and emotions but they did it with a degree of faith that I think almost miraculous especially in a world that is tending toward faithlessness. I have to admire King Lamoni's wife from Alma 20 who believed the words Ammon told her about her husband. She waited and prayed faithfully until her husband arose and was blessed because of it. Would I have had that sort of faith in a similar situation.

And then I think about others who were just as faithful or even more so. I certainly hope that I would be and that I can be in a world that is struggling to believe anything that is truth. There are so many women in our world who are strong and faithful and I know that their names are written in the scriptures of their lives and the deeds they do will stand as a witness of their faithfulness.

I think about these people and I hope and pray that I will someday be able to look back at my life and find the faith, courage, strength and hope in the gospel and our Savior Jesus Christ that they did.

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