Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Simple vs. Star

I am still amazed at how drawn in to these silly Hollywood dramas we can be, myself included. People spend hours pouring over magazines that detail the obscure lives of the stars that roam in and out of Hollywood when in reality their lives along with their millions of dollars they spend on random things has nothing to do with the everyday 'normal' person.

I have found myself getting caught up in this same trap and then I pull back and wonder if they are really happy. I can't imagine that this was what they wanted out of life when they became famous.

"Oh yes, I wanted to be publicly shamed and ridiculed and have all of my stupid decisions plastered all over the media." I'm sure that's exactly what they were thinking. (Although with some stars I wonder.)

I almost feel sorry for these people, but I guess that is the price of fame and fortune. It makes me happy to be a simple 'normal' person with my everyday normal problems and trials. Even with my desires to be a published author I am still very glad that I still enjoy the simple life.

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