Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Holiday Depression

So last week was really tough for me. I had to work all through Christmas for the fourth year in a row and I have to admit I was a little out of sorts for several of my flights. After some contemplation I decided why I was struggling so much with being "merry and bright." 
Usually I am fine working through the holiday because I get to see my family later, but this year was different. I did go home and visit, but instead of spending quality time with the family I was going, going, going the whole ten days I had off. Now that I stop and think about it, I don't think I really sat down and had a meal or even a conversation with all of my siblings. That thought made me sad. I love getting together with my family and seeing all my siblings, their spouses, and my 20 nieces and nephews. It is more than a party when we all converge, it is an event. I love that and this year I missed out on it completely.
Now this is enough to make anyone out of sorts, but I realized there were other things helping my slightly sour mood. My dad is finally selling his big house in Deweyville and moving. I actually helped with some of the move. This is actually a really great thing, but I discovered, as I pasted my fake smile on my face for my passengers, that I am sad that my childhood home will no longer be mine. I will always have the memories and the love that was shared in that home and I am so very grateful for that, but knowing that it will belong to someone else and that my children will never have those memories, is a little heart breaking.

Other things happened during this "time off" that also affected my mood. I said goodbye to my first bought car and now I get to look for a replacement. That never really makes someone happy, even if it is a major blessing in disguise. 

So you add all of this up and I discovered why I seemed to be less than cheerful while I worked. Now that I have recognized the problem and now that we are past the holiday I'm doing so much better. I know there will be many other Christmases with family and friends and every year I can look forward to better times. I am grateful for all the blessings I have been given and for a wonderful Christmas season that, though tough, was good.

So when it seems a little sad and you are wanting to "cry the day you take the tree down," just remember that we can keep the Christmas season with us all through the year by helping and serving others. And if you are on a
flight during the holidays and your flight attendant is less than cheerful, just remember that she might be missing out on the happiness and cheer that year. Cut her a bit of slack and she'll lighten up.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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