Saturday, December 13, 2014

Book Review: Pierced By Love by Laura L. Walker

So I had the opportunity to read Pierced By Love by Laura L. Walker.  What a fun book!

Noelle Jensen doesn’t want to like Pierce Logan. After her boyfriend breaks up with her for her sister, Noelle is done with love. Plus Pierce Logan has commitment issues because of his parents’ divorce and a strained relationship with his dad. But as Pierce and Noelle inadvertently help each other to open up their hearts, they also rediscover the importance of family and love.

 I have to admit that there were times that Noelle was much more saint like than I would have been in a similar situation, but it was enlightening to watch as she heroically worked through her struggles with her sister and her own feelings. If my sister had stolen my boyfriend, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to speak to her ever again. Noelle showed me that family relationships were more important that harboring hurt feelings.

Laura crafted a wonderful, realistic relationship between Pierce and Noelle. I was drawn into Pierce's trials and the strain between him and his father. Seeing him work on his own and with Noelle to overcome those struggles made me cheer even harder for his success. The way Pierce treated Noelle is the way any woman would want to be treated and though I ached for Noelle's pain in how her mother and sister treated her feelings, I warmed to how kindly Pierce soothed that pain.

The story carried me away from beginning to end. It is a must read for anyone who has struggled with family and personal relationships and who wants to find ways to strengthen their own ability to deal with difficult and seemingly unbearable trials.

A great read!

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