Saturday, March 31, 2012

LDS General Conference Saturday Sessions

I know that I usually post something that is creative or even lazy, but this weekend is conference weekend for my church and I just had the opportunity to listen to two fabulous sessions. I am of the Christian faith and I encourage anyone of this faith to take a few minutes to listen to or read some of the talks given during this conference.  You can check it out at

I really enjoy this spiritual enlightenment and I have found a lot of really personal advice for my life. The talk that has struck me the most today was in the Saturday Afternoon Session by Jeffrey R. Holland. He shared the parable of the laborers from Matthew 20:1-15, then he counseled us to avoid envy in our lives.

This wasn't just a 'envy is bad' kind of a talk it spoke more about how we need to be happy when the Lord blesses others and be glad that he is a kind and generous God and that he cares. It really struck me because there have been times when I have thought 'why do they get that blessing' because either they have already been blessed with something or they may have made poor decisions in their life, but now are doing what's right and are being blessed.

I was humbled to realize that I was entertaining those feelings of envy and that instead I need to find humility and joy in other's blessings and praise my Heavenly Father for being kind and merciful to everyone, even those who may come in the eleventh hour.  What an absolutely beautiful lesson Elder Holland taught and how absolutely humbling to me that is finding joy in other's blessings I will be blessed.

I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and that the power to repent, change and do good is always accessible in our lives.

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