Friday, March 30, 2012

The Tower 42

“What’s a tarrange?” I asked stupidly. I could see the creature there before me, but I had no idea what it was or what it could do.
“They range through the mountains that border Anderosea and Betlath. They have never harmed people before though. They’re very intelligent creatures and if you can get close enough to speak to one and pet it, it will protect you from other predators.”
A big improvement.
“Good,” I said. “Will this one protect us?”
She murmured a few words of the strange language to the creature and it purred back. When I forced myself to really listen I could actually hear words mixed in with its purrs.
“Well, he’s upset that we hurt it, but he is also grateful to be back to his normal self.” She paused. “He is afraid of Antheus cursing him again.”
I shrugged my shoulders thinking I was too, but for some reason I doubted he would be able to harm either the tarrange or Sareanne.
“I don’t know, but we have to leave this place and go back into the castle, so I guess he can find out and come with us or try to leave.” Deep down I hoped the creature would stick with us, the more the better. “Can you make the protection moveable?”
I doubted and hoped in the same breath.
“No,” she replied nervously.
I didn’t have a choice then, we would have to move unprotected and take our chances. I moved toward the door determined to return to the room at the top of the castle. I wasn’t completely sure why I felt like I had to reach that room, but that was where I wanted to go.
“Where are you going?” Sareanne asked.
“I need to get to the room, the one where I stayed the first night in the castle. You can come with me,” I paused, “I’d like you to come with me,” I qualified.
Sareanne hesitated. I could tell she had been in her little prison for too long. She didn’t want to be returned to her cursed state. I had to admit I would have felt the same way.
“Sareanne, you are very powerful and believe it or not, I think Antheus is afraid of you. That’s why he cursed you. Something I have noticed about people is that they try to hurt the people they are the most frightened of. Antheus knows you can communicate with the gods of the earth, he can’t and I think that frightens him. Simply put, you’re more powerful than he is.” As I finished I knew I spoke the truth.
My words were enough to create a firm resolve. Sareanne squared her shoulders and marched toward the door of her twenty year prison.

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