Friday, July 8, 2016

Cover Reveal

Hi all,

I posted this all over Facebook, but then I realized I needed to post it here as well.

So here is the cover for my next book coming this fall.

It will be available in September on Amazon and wherever Deseret Books are sold!!!

Crossing Lines is a historical novel set in the backdrop of German-occupied Austria and Italy during World War II.
Captain Charlie Banks, an American B-17 bomber pilot, never thought he’d get stuck behind enemy lines. He never thought the war would tear his life apart. And he never thought he’d fall in love with the enemy.
After his plane crashes in Austria, he makes for the Italian border with his navigator and friend, Sam, the only other surviving crew member. They stop for the night in an abandoned barn only to be discovered the next morning by Marianne Leichtner. To the Americans’ relief, Marianne doesn’t turn them in. In fact, she and her mother hide Charlie and Sam.
Marianne’s courage and character soon win Charlie’s heart. When the Nazis come looking for survivors of the plane crash, Charlie realizes he and Sam can no longer put Marianne and her mother in danger. 
The two Americans must cross through enemy territory and find a way back to England. If they get caught it could mean their lives, but if they succeed, Charlie may never see Marianne again.

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