Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Season For Prayer Is Always

I gave a lesson several months ago in Relief Society, talking about prayer and I kept the large version of the handout and put it on my refrigerator. Just now I stood in my kitchen and the handout caught my attention.

I've been reading all the funny FB posts about Christmas and Thanksgiving and the proper time to listen to Christmas music and the fact that everything pumpkin will now turn into everything peppermint.

As I pondered the things people wrote and then saw my flier I thought about how I sometimes forget that things like prayer don't have a season. Even the attitude of Thanksgiving, the Spirit of Christmas, the celebration of Halloween, the joy of Easter, the patriotism of July, and the good luck of March, don't need to be left to a specific month or time of the year. I propose we take these beautiful feelings that bring us so much joy and happiness and utilize them throughout the whole year.

And along with all of that, let's remember that we should "pray always and not faint" (2 Nephi 32:9; Luke 18:1) and we will have joy in the Lord and in our lives.

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