Sunday, April 12, 2015


What a wonderful day! I've actually had a great week this week. I was able to work on some new stories, work, go to the temple, get my car cleaned, help some friends, have a mini party, and relax (just a little).

Then today I get to start a new week with an amazing Sunday. Church was beautiful. In Sunday school we had an awesome lesson on Jesus Christ, the Bread of Life. The thoughts and comments shared filled my soul. In Relief Society meeting my best friend stepped up to the plate and gave an awesome impromptu lesson on Joseph Smith. 

I'm just so grateful for the blessings I have. Even the trials I go through in life have blessed me in some way. Hopefully I can live my life in a way that will show my Heavenly Father how grateful I am for what he gives me and I will always be in his debt.

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