Sunday, November 16, 2014

Lessons in Prayer and Gratitude

So I gave a lesson on prayer in church today during our Relief Society class. The lesson was a good one for me to read and learn from this month. My favorite quote from the lesson is from the first section:

"...the Lord can get along without our prayers. His work will go on just the same, whether we pray or whether we do not. ... Prayer is something that we need, not that the Lord needs. He knows just how to conduct His affairs and how to take care of them without any help from us. Our prayers are not for the purpose of telling Him how to run his business. If we have any such idea as that, then of course we have the wrong idea. Our prayers are uttered more for our sakes, to build us up and give us strength and courage, and to increase our faith in Him. ... Prayer is something that humbles the soul. It broadens our comprehension; it quickens the mind. It draws us nearer to our Father in heaven. We need His help; there is no question about that. We need the guidance of His Holy Spirit. We need to know what principles have been given to us by which we may come back into His presence. We need to have our minds quickened by the inspiration that comes from Him; and for these reasons we pray to Him, that He may help us to live so that we will know His truth and be able to walk in its light, that we may, through our faithfulness and our obedience, come back again into His presence."

I am so grateful for the power of prayer in my life. So many prayers have been answered. Sometimes the answer is no, but like Maria says in The Sound of Music, "When the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window." I have been very blessed in my life, that's a fact.

I wanted to post my handout as well, because I'm very proud of it. :)

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