Monday, September 17, 2012

A Creative Addiction

I never really thought about just how addicting writing can be. My brain has been so full of stories and books lately and all I seem to do in my spare time is write. I had to take a step back the other day and just read a book for the fun of it. Of course I had to force my brain to enjoy instead of edit. (For some reason edit mode is now the default setting."

I have also been trying to round out my life by adding things to it other than writing, editing and reading. It has been wonderful to sew quilt squares for Relief Society or help my roomie with her Photoshop projects and even some creative things (though a lot of my creative work has been designing book covers for my books).

On my last trip I took some time to actually walk in the fresh air of Idaho Falls and revel in the beauty of the river and the falls. I also had the chance to walk along the pier in Sidney, BC and enjoy the beauty of that part of the world for a few hours.

There truly is joy in nature and a peace that comes from enjoying it. I want more than anything to go to the beach and let the sound of crashing waves rejuvenate me, but that will have to wait for now. In the mean time I am doing my best to round out my life and not be quite so crazily addicted to my writing, though when the ideas for the stories flow then I must become a prisoner to my muse. Happy prisoner, that is. I do find a whole lot of fulfillment in finishing a book. Hopefully when I can actually publish those books my fulfillment will be even more complete.

Happy creative addiction.

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